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As a doctor, I have seen many patients come through my office door. Some are healthy, some are sick, and some are somewhere in between. But no matter their condition, I always take the time to listen to their story.

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I remember one patient in particular, a woman in her early 60s who came to see me for a routine check-up. She was generally healthy, but she had one concerns: her memory wasn't what it used to be. She told me that she was forgetting things more and more often, and it was beginning to worry her.

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I asked her about her diet and lifestyle, and whether she'd been under any extra stress lately. We went over all of the usual questions, but I still wasn't sure what was causing her memory problems. I suggested that she come back for a follow-up appointment in a few months, and I would do some further testing to try and figure out what was going on. In the meantime, I advised her to keep a journal to document any changes in her memory. A few months later, the woman came back to see me. She brought her journal with her, and I could see that she had been diligently tracking her memory problems.

Post Date: 25-11-2020

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After going over her journal entries, it was clear that her memory loss was getting worse. I did some additional testing and discovered that she had early-stage Alzheimer's disease. This patient's story is a reminder that even if you're generally healthy, it's important to see your doctor regularly for check-ups. You never know what might be going on underneath the surface.

Post Date: 21-10-2020